How To Choose The Right Cologne For Your Man

Just like picking the perfect perfume for any woman, choosing the right cologne for your man is as similarly challenging. Fragrance has an influential effect on how people perceive your man. It not only makes one confident but also more attractive. here are some of the best tips to ensure you find the best cologne for your man.

Know and understand your man in order to get it right you miust know your guy really good. Know his personality, what scent he likes and dislikes, is he conservatice or extravagant. All this factors will ensure you find only the best fit for him

His profession / lifestyle if your man is a young profession or an urbanite pick the strong and most elegant fragrances. this will go a long way in making sure he is confident and make him less stressed. Designer perfumes are always a great fit. for a sportsman, choose a cologne that will enhance his natural scent.

Use other peoples opinions. Listening to your friends opininons on a cologne always come in handy or help you reinforce your decision. If they have bad reviews on a certain cologne you better better shun away from purchsing it. However, if they really advise you to purchase one, never do it without actually trying it personally.

Choose what you like. a relationship is a mutual thing. Pick something that he is fond of wearing as much as you like its scent. however, dont purchase something he loves yet you dislike it.

Pick different varieties If you find yurself in a dilemma between picking two different colognes, you can always take the two back home and let your man choose the one he likes most. This technique is not only romantic but also shows how well you value and appreciate your man. lastly, you can play it safe by purchasing what he already wears. This is especially if you are in a new relationship and you are particularly not sure if he will like other fragrances. one of the most efficient methods to uncover a new cologne is to test it on your body. One can try four fragrances at once but i would suggest two, one on each hand, if its your first time.

The following steps will ensure you find the best.

1. Spew one scent on each arm (This should be on the wrist to make it more comfortable to smell)
2. After smelling one cologne, refresh your arm with anythin strong. For example you can use either coffee or tea.
3. Move on to the next and repeat the same. Always take notes as to those you love and indicate the reasons why.
4. Choose the best out of the ones you have tested.
5. Check this list for best smelling cologne for men.

At times, this process may be tiring or you may not have ample time to test different fragrances. In such a case, you can seek the help of the store attendant and vividly explain to him or her the type of cologne you would prefer, its contents, scent, size and price etc

Women must choose a cologne that not only suits his man but is also his lifestyle.