Why You Should Introduce Your Girl To Volleyball

Learning how to play volleyball is a gradual process that requires utter commitment and dedication. As a parent, you should always know which sport your child is interested in. For the girls, volleyball is such a wonderful sport that should be inculcated in them as they mature. Who knows, they can make a living out of it apart from education. It is a good investment that should not be left to go down the drain. Practice makes perfect so why not coax your daughter to try out this amazing game. With intense training, you will finally catch up with the world’s best volleyball player.

The benefits of playing volleyball

girls volleyball team

Generally, volleyball has immeasurable benefits to the body; both physically and mentally. Below are some of them;

  • Body toning
  • Agility of the hands and sight
  • Team work
  • Mental fitness

Those are just but a few. Fame might also come knocking at the door since your expertise has crossed borders and pleased many. Playing is really entertaining and is one of the core benefits of playing it since now you get to enjoy as you throw that ball. Girl, go for it.

Protective gear

As is known, volleyball is a rough game especially when playing on a rough surface. This therefore, calls for the acquisition of playing paraphernalia to keep you from sustaining unnecessary injuries.

Knee pads


Volleyball is usually played in such a manner that the lower body actively participates in the game so without protective gear, your lower ligaments are bound to experience the most painful pain ever if you accidentally trip. Knee pads acts as a cushion for such pain and also allows you to take on different positions as you dive for the ball. There are many types of knee pads to choose from so grab your daughter one today and she won’t come back limping from practice sessions.

Sport shoes

Volleyball shoes should always be light to provide for jumping and movement around the court. They should also act as good shock absorbers and for running as you try to get hold of the ball. Most recommended shoe brands are Nike, Asics and Mizuno since they are made to suit all the properties named above to grant you an easy time while playing the game.


Just like other sports, the kits should always be light in weight for flexibility and perspiration. The material used to make it should be able to absorb sweat so as to keep the body dry. With all the features in consideration, spandex is more suitable. This is because it is light and absorbs odor. The socks too should not be left out either. This is to absorb sweat and prevent blisters from forming on your toes. Jewelry is not recommended except for a ring. Those with eyesight problems are advised to wear eyeglasses with straps to keep them in place. Get the right volleyball gear for your daughter at All Volleyball Store.

Parents should always be at the forefront in encouraging their girls to take up volleyball as it will do those more good. They also get to use their free time doing something healthy and productive making it very beneficial.